Aimia, a listed global data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company headquartered in Canada, have sold part of the Asia operations to the local management team. Now named Aciem it has reorganised itself to deliver customer delight for its clients.

“Australians and New Zealanders are world leaders when it comes to participation in loyalty programs and much of that is down to the sophistication and innovation of the programs being offered by the airlines and retailers in this part of the world.” satys Simon Rowles Managing Partner at Aciem. “Auckland Airport’s recently launched Strata Club is the most advanced airport rewards program in the world and blends both a points and prizes offering with the customer experience seamlessly. Ambitious companies blending their loyalty offerings into a sophisticated customer experience strategy can’t offer off the peg loyalty programs - they need to be tailored”.

“Whilst there are many ways to do loyalty we’ve come to understand that there’s really only one why and that is to produce customer delight – the only way to grow lifetime value. In pursuit of customer delight we’re now able to move faster and more flexibly for our clients. Our clients though, many of them banks, still expect bulletproof rigour in execution and with our 20 year history is the foundation for this discipline”.

“We've been lucky enough to work with the best loyalty program owners leading the biggest loyalty programs for the last 20 years” says Rowles. Aciem underpins the customer loyalty offerings of big four banks, co-operatives, retailers and utilities all of whom continue as clients of the new enterprise.

“We understand that your future success lies in delighting your customers and deepening your relationship with them. Do that and they’ll reward you with more of their wallet for longer. We help ambitious businesses reimagine their loyalty solutions. We operate tailored programmes that create real and measurable value. We deliver highly personalised customer interactions that delight our client’s customers and grow their lifetime value.”

Aciem has offices in Sydney and Auckland. “For most of those clients we designed and launched their programs with them and operate some or all of the operations so they can focus on their core business .

Customer loyalty isn’t everything but it’s way ahead of whatever’s in second place” says Rowles.

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